We adopt a teaching methodology that is a mix of traditional and play-way methods of teaching-learning with theme-based teaching at pre-primary level. Remedial and reinforcement classes for providing additional coaching to slow learners are regularly conducted keeping in mind the idea of “No Child Left Behind”.

The school also organises examinations conducted by external agencies such as Macmillan, Science, Math and Computer Olympiads, Hindi and Sanskrit language tests etc which prepare the students to compete with the world at large.

We strive to impress upon the significance of multiple language learning by teaching Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, French and Japanese languages apart from English which is also the medium of instruction.

A lot of exposure to physical activity is provided to students through games and sports. Extra coaching is provided for these sports to the students who wish to nurture their sporting talents.

Educators, students and parents benefit from the vast wealth of knowledge that we have in the form of a rich collection of multilingual books and other learning resources in the school library. Educators regularly participate in various refresher courses, workshops and training programmes to update on content and teaching-learning skills.

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