SYNERGY SCHOOL…..A learning campus where children can seek creative expressions for their endeavors. An atmosphere where children and teacher work together to achieve maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging learning environment.....!

We believe that a school is not just a place where young mind come to learn, it is an institution where character is built and a fountainhead where children can constantly seek creative expressions for their endeavors. We believe in educating the children with excellence to help them in becoming responsible, productive and life-long learners with opportunity to reach their maximum potential in a safe, caring and respectful environment where fun is a part of learning. The Synergy School for Excellence is committed to these belief.

The Synergy School for Excellence encourages children to think differently and independently with a curriculum that provides them with novel learning experiences. Students are offered a rich and varied programme of co-curricular activities to build and extend the skills and knowledge expressions, the space to explore his or her potential and grow into a confident individual.

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