The library or the Resource Centre is at the heart of Synergy School for Excellence. It supports and promotes the school's differentiated learning goals.

Computer Lab
There are computer lab and the PCs are equipped with the required hardware and software as per the latest technology.

We are giving training to the students in creative art from early childhood. Art Education is a compulsory subject up to class VII and thereafter, art and art appreciation are taught as a part of club activity.

Sports and games are an integral part of education at Synergy School for Excellence. In addition to regular physical education teachers, visiting faculties are employed to give special coaching in various games. In nearest future, the school will offer coaching in various sports.

The school will have the facility to impart Vocal and Instrumental music.

Various forms of dance will be taught to the students. Our qualified staff not only spots and identifies the talents in our students but also encourages them to participate in various events both, in and outside school.

Audio/Visual Room
A audio visual room with latest facilities (including LCD projector) to aid teaching sessions through the audio visual mode and for conducting presentations, seminars and discussions.

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